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Skoda started life as Slavia in 1895 when cyclist Vaclav Laurin, who was a mechanic by trade and Vaclav Klement started designing and manufacturing bicycles.

In 1899 the partners changed the name of the company to Laurin & Klement and started producing motorcycles. Despite the success of the motorcycles the company took a keen interest in the car which from 1905 gradually replaced the motorcycles.

After the war economic conditions in Czechoslovakia were tough and the company needed a partner to help strengthen and modernise the company. As a result in 1925 the company merged with Pizen Skodovka Co and the new company became known as Skoda.

The late 1940's and 50's saw the Czechoslovakia economy perform well with Skoda benefitting from this situation however the 1960's saw the economy suffer as newer technology from the west left Skoda playing catch up. This resulted in production stagnating, a situation which didn't change until 1987 with the launch of the Favorit which proved a great sales success.

In 1990 Skoda entered a joint venture with Volkswagen which led to Skoda becoming part of the Volkswagen group the following year.

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