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The origins of Mercedes Benz can be traced back to Karl Benz who in 1886 produced the Benz Patent Wagon which is commonly accepted as the first automobile.

1901 saw the first Mercedes marketed but it wasn't until 1926 following a merger between Karl Benz and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft that Mercedes Benz became a brand name.

Mercedes famous three point star can be traced back to 1870 although it first appeared on a car in 1910. Symbolising land, sea and air the symbol was registered in 1937 and still appears on every Mercedes today.

Today Mercedes produces an ever expanding lineup of Luxury cars as well as an extensive lineup of commercial vehicles with manufacturing taking place in an impressive 24 countries besides its native Germany.

In a 2011 study undertaken by JD Power, Mercedes Benz was scored above average in reliability and quality beating both Audi and BMW, but falling behind industry leader Lexus.

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