Lamborghini Have a SPECIAL Aventador on the way

Lamborghini Have a SPECIAL Aventador on the way

Next year's Lamborghini Aventador will be pretty hot... Although there's an even hotter Aventador S on the way.

Autocar has recently discovered that there will be an even hotter Aventador on the way. Recent parent applications discovered by Autocar confirms the hot new supercar, along with an invite that further confirms the face-lifted Aventador that will be launched January next year.

Sadly... There have been no pictures provided or image leaks as of yet, although Autocar did report some of the updates to the car; “new design, superior power and a mix of advanced technologies”.

The Aventador was first introduced in 2011, so styling changes are expected as the Aventador approaches the middle of its life cycle. The new Aventador will be launched at the Ricardo Tormo Formula 1 track, where the car will be able to show off its new 'advanced technologies'. Autocar also reported that the new Aventador S will benefit from a raft of driver aids but couldn't add any further details.

The Aventador S is expected to receive a similar sort of tuning to the Centenario which packs 758bhp, the current Aventador stands at 691bhp, produced from a 6.5-litre V12. Another interesting suggestion is that the Aventador S will gain the same rear-wheel steering system featured in the Centenario.

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