Driver Finds his BMW After Losing it SIX MONTHS ago

Driver Finds his BMW After Losing it SIX MONTHS ago

A driver and his BMW have been reunited after he lost it in a multi-story car park... SIX MONTHS AGO!

Yes, this sounds very much like an episode of Chucklevision... The scary thing is that it's completely true.

A friend of the owner borrowed the car, driving down from Scotland to go to the Stone Roses concert at the Etihad stadium, although, in a new city... They got a bit lost and couldn't find it.

In June when the owner's friend drove down from the convert, they parked in Manchester city centre, but after the gig the driver couldn't remember where he parked it. They searched for the car for five days, proving unsuccessful and gave up.

Throughout the months the owner of the BMW emailed emailed companies as well as the council to try to find out if it had been seen parked up, or even worse... Removed.

In August the vehicle was then reported as lost/stolen by the owner, although at around midnight on Friday police officers found the lost car.

The officers contacted the owner with the good news as well as tweeing; 

“11.55pm - Officers have found a car in a multi-storey lost since June, driver visiting city parked it but couldn’t remember where.
“Driver apparently spent five days searching car parks in the city before reporting as lost/stolen.”

Lets just hope he paid and displayed! ;)

Article originally featured in: Manchester Evening News