Lease4Less have a specialist team available to you, to advise on any and all aspects of car leasing or van leasing including the best type of contract for your circumstances.

However you choose to lease or purchase your new vehicle, the principal of the agreement is that Lease4Less will utilise its buying power, discount rates and negotiation expertise, to purchase the vehicle at the cheapest possible price, and buy the vehicle on behalf of the most appropriate finance company.

For every car leasing or van leasing contract hire agreement, the funder has to be approached with a Proposal, for them to consider financing the vehicle on your behalf.

If you would like us to establish your credit line, with a view to a possible vehicle order, please complete the appropriate form from the list below, indicate the vehicle that you have an initial preference for, and we will confirm the establishment of your credit line.

Please understand that by doing this, you are not committed to ordering a vehicle.

The information supplied, will be confidential and not shared with any organisation except for the funder to which the application is made.